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About Israeli Go Association

Welcome to the Israeli Go community.

The mission of the Israeli Go Association is to promote Go, knowledge of the game, its various aspects and improve the skills and rank of players.

We also aspire to increase our international activity and maintain contacts with other Go associations around the world. We wish many will benefit from its educational values.

Go is an ancient strategy board game, invented in China about 4,000 years ago. Named in Japan Go or Igo, Wei'Chi in China, and Baduk / Paduk in Korea.

The game's objective is to surround and build territory, while possibly capturing opponent stones.

In Israel there are several thousand players with ranks ranging from complete novices to 6 Dan and one Professional player.

Mind Go Club has introduced Go and trained over thirty thousand pupils & students around the country, while discussing the folklore and philosophies associated with the game.

We have developed a short and concise Rules in Hebrew and Russian available together with a translation of Karl Baker's booklet in Hebrew. Feel free to downlaod.

Lectures and workshops can be coordinated with the club.

In order to keep up to date with our activities, please register and refer friends to our site.

Our activities

A growing list of Go clubs with regular and extra meetings schedule provides the opportunity for Go players to meet, play, learn the game and join the growing community.

Mind GO Club provides many GO workshops in schools, events, Japan Day in Academia etc. Since 2020 we also collaborate with Nitzozot association and provide GO / Baduk workshops and lectures

We have now expanded both our Israeli activity as well as our international presence. We encourage players to take part in international tournaments and championship.

We organize internationally recognized tournament that enable participant accumulate rank credits. During the last two years Go Congresses were initiated, with growing success and reputation. For details

International activity

In the past 15 years we participated in the European Youth Go Championship, and have reached first international major achievement - Third place in Children championship 2004.

European Youth Go Championship 2006, will be held 23-26 March, 2006 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Want to participate?
Contact Shavit:

In 2005 we participated for the first time in the European Team Go Championship and have reached the 10th place overall. Since then the Israeli team is in the top European league.

We have sent, for the first time, a representative to the European Oza tournament. The first 3 players who win this contest, participate in the World Oza in Japan.

In April 2006 there will be the European Pair Go Championship.
(Pair = male+female players). The winners of this tournament will represent Europe in the World Pair Go, in Japan. Interested?
Email Shavit:

Domestic activity

New Activities

Weizmann Science Park: Last Passover (Pessach) we gave public Go workshops at the "Science Festival" of the Weizmann Science Park. We plan similar activity this year as well.

Go Clubs

In general, we meet at the club for playing games, provide teaching to newcomers, advanced teaching, play, review, discussions etc.

We encourage you to refer your Go enthusiastic friends to register so they can be updated on our activity. We will be happy to introduce the game to them.
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Mind Go Club - Rosh HaAyin

Meetings: Every third Monday of the month (around 15-20th of the month). 92 Hey Be'Iyar st., Rosh Ha'Ayin. Time: 20:00 - 24:00.
Contact person: Shavit Fragman. Tel: 054-4500453.
We have some extra ad-hoc meetings.

Mind Go Club - Tel-Aviv Since 2004

Meetings: Meeting almost every Friday .
Contact person: Shavit Fragman. Tel: 054-4500453 .

Please bring a GO set if you have one
We have some extra ad-hoc meetings.

Jerusalem Go Club

Meetings: We have several clubs changing constantly.
Want to join: send an email to:
Here are the club details.
Contact person: Shavit Fragman, 054-4500453

Rehovot Go Club

Meetings: Wednesdays, from 19.00+
Ziskind building - 2nd floor - room number 261 (see below). Write to us to be included in the Weizmann club's mailing list
building number 24 on this map).
Contact person: Prof. David Peleg.

Mind Haifa Go Club - NEW

A Youngster's Go club

Contact person: Shavit Fragman. Tel: 054-4500453 .
Want to join: send an email to:

Haifa Go Club

We plan to start another Youth club and in Technion.

Natanya Go Club

Outdoor Go activity & meetings in "Azorim" suburb, Natanya
Hoping to move soon to one of the nearby youth recreation centers.
Contact person: Tuvyah Rosenberg. Tel: 054-7696658.


We have additional activities, including a group of Go players in Beer-Sheba and Arad. A Club and GO activities vary.

See you soon in one of our coming activities!
Gambatte ne

Shavit Fragman

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