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What is Go?

Go is an ancient strategy board game, invented in China about 4,000 years ago. In China Wei'Chi (Go) is considered one of the 5 accomplishments. The game arrived to Japan by a Buddhist monk or the Japanese ambassador in China. Soon after it became popular and turned into Japan's national game. In Japan it is one of the 5 arts any noble man should master. Go is both an Art and a Martial art.

In the prime era of Go, championships and major games were played in the Shogun's castle or Caesar's palace under their auspices.

Go combines simple elements of wood, stones (Black & White, Yin-Yang), circle and lines, that create an amazing pattern on the goban and infinite game sequences, which embrace creativity, aesthetics and thinking to their highest level. As Go integrated into Japan's culture, many works of art, some folklore based emerged, and indicate its cultural importance.

Go is considered a reflection of life and there are many eastern philosophies immersed in it.

Go has many educational benefits, from basic etiquette to improved thinking, concentration, creativity, but most of all Reasoning.

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